Lost in Austen – Episode Three

The episode before the finale – the one where it’s compulsory for everything to get worse so it can be fixed in the next one!

Amanda is in a lot of trouble. Mrs Bennet has kicked her out of the house, and when she goes to visit Mrs Collins, it’s not Charlotte he’s married to, but a very miserable Jane.

 Lost in Austen episode three Jane and Mr Collins Sonya Heaney

I have to say, there were some things here that really made no sense whatsoever (even considering the silliness of the premise). Mr Collins is seen as a sleazy, perverted man and so the nature of his marriage to Jane isn’t believable.

In the meantime, Mr Bingley is having a breakdown. He’s realised that being the happy bumbling dope was never going to get him what he wanted, but it’s a little late now!

 Lost in Austen episode three Mr Bingley Sonya Heaney

Bingley and Jane are made out to be totally naïve to the world in this version of the story, but then I think that’s more or less how they are in the book. When you expect everyone to be good and refuse to see what’s right in front of you if it might make you unhappy, you’re bound to end up hurt. I do like that they have a wakeup call and are both changing as the series goes on.

I like that about a lot of the original P&P characters as they’re portrayed in this series, actually. Mr Bennet is well-rounded; I think he tends to be too… I suppose too nice in most incarnations. Also Mrs Bennet’s plight is shown in a way that makes her more sympathetic, as we can see where her desperation stems from. She has to push her daughters on men because her husband is more or less absent from the marriage.

Lost in Austen episode three Mrs Bennet sad Sonya Heaney

Meanwhile, Darcy has had to admit his love for… Amanda (whoops!). He hasn’t met Elizabeth Bennet yet, so this could get interesting.

He indulges her with recreating one of her favourite Pride and Prejudice moments.

 Lost in Austen Episode Three Darcy recreates the water scene for Amanda Sonya Heaney adjusted

Yes, it’s an incredibly silly scene, but I do love how the scriptwriters managed to sneak 1995’s gratuitous scene into the actual Austen book!

I finished this episode and checked to see there really was only one more. There’re so many big storylines that need resolving and not much time to do it!


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