On this day: Charles Babbage dies

458px-Charles_Babbage_-_1860Charles Babbage in 1860

Charles Babbage in 1860

Charles Babbage, the “father of the computer” died in Marylebone, London on the 18th of October, 1871.

Born in London on Boxing Day in 1791, Babbage has a pretty extensive list of credits to his name, many of them very much entrenched in mathematics. While I can respect his achievements, maths bores me to tears, so I’m not going to try and explain them…

 BabbageDifferenceEngineBabbage's difference engine

Babbage’s difference engine

Babbage declined various honours and was no fan of the hereditary peerage. I like a man of Victorian England who didn’t think titled people deserved respect just because of an accident of birth!

The idea that the man credited with the beginnings of computers was born in the 18th century is pretty amazing!


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