The Blitz

Blitz bombing damage near St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The City of London, including the area around St Paul’s was bombed during the night raid of 29/30 December 1940. Somehow the cathedral survived, and went on to become a symbol of Britain standing strong against the Nazis.

Blitz Bombing Damage Near St. Paul's Cathedral in London

Christmas at St Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics

St Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics was founded for paupers in London in 1751. However, by the time Christmas was celebrated there (in one way or another) at the end of the Victorian era, their focus had moved onto the middle classes and people from more fortunate backgrounds.

As far as Victorian asylums went, it could be said St Luke’s was one of the better options, with a “cure” rate of 67-70% of patients, compared to around 15% in such establishments for paupers.

Here is an illustration of patients dancing to celebrate Christmas in around 1900. 

Christmas at St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics