On this day: the death of Carole Lombard


Carole Lombard photographed the year before she died.

Carole Lombard, one of the 1930s’ most significant film actresses, was killed in a plane crash in Nevada, USA on the 16th of January, 1942. She was thirty-three at the time.

Born Jane Alice Peters in Indiana in 1908, she became famous for her screwball comedies. However she starred in more serious films in the late Thirties and early Forties.

She was flying home from a war bond rally at the time of the crash, where she had raised over two million dollars.

TWA Flight 3 filled out flight plan form. Carole Lombard's fatal flight. 16th january 1942.

The plan for the fatal flight.

Others killed in the crash included Lombard’s mother, Clark Gable’s press manager (a close friend who had been best man at the wedding), and fifteen servicemen.

Studio publicity photo of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard after their honeymoon, 1939.

Gable and Lombard after their honeymoon in 1939.

Lombard was married to Clark Gable at the time of her death, and the emotional toll the tragedy took on him could be seen in physical changes in him in the weeks afterwards, including the loss of a significant amount of weight.

It was said the years he was married to Lombard were the happiest of Gable’s life, and when he died he was buried beside her, despite having more wives after her death.


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