The 1884 Colchester Earthquake

Col earthquake 2

The back of the Ship at Launch pub in Wivenhoe.

On the 22nd of April, 1884 an earthquake hit Colchester, England. The disaster occurred at 9:18am.

InTheHytheColchester Earthquake 1884

The earthquake measured 4.6 on the Richter scale, and was the most destructive in four-hundred years of recorded English history, even though it was not the strongest in the history of Britain.

A fine brick mansion at Great Wigborough showing damage caused by the 1884 earthquake.


The damage occurred in Colchester as well as in surrounding areas of the county of Essex.



Some reports claimed that between two and five people were killed in the quake, but the actual number of deaths is unclear.

Wick Farm Colchester 1884

Thousands of homes were lost, leaving many people homeless.

Earthquake damage at Langenhoe, Essex, in 1884.


Additionally, Langenhoe Church was badly damaged, as was the rectory next door.


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