On this day: Under the Brooklyn Bridge

This photograph of life under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City was taken from a stable roof on the 6th of May, 1918.


Shadows are cast beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, seen from a stable roof, on May 6, 1918.


One thought on “On this day: Under the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. actonbooks says:

    Here’s a question I have been unable to solve — and the bridge with all its carts lining up in the shade demonstrates it one more time. Blow up the image and it is obvious that all the drivers are sitting to the right of their respective vehicles. That presupposes that they drove on the left, which as we know, they did not in the late 19th C. The Uk and Australia both drive on the left and they do it from a shared heritage. Australia saw no reason to change. Colonial America must have had a similar shared heritage with Britain at one time and have followed the convention they brought with them, as they trotted up the paved avenues of Boston and Philadelphia. So the question is when and why did the US change sides and why long after the change did drivers still favor what would be the nearside driving position in a drive-on-the-right world?
    All the received google-wisdom about being better able to us the whip to control the horses is IMHO so much google-garbage. By the way, the Romans and pre-Romans drove on the left, it is said.

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