On this day: Emily Davison’s collision with a racehorse

On the 4th of June, 1913 militant suffragette Emily Davison rushed onto the racetrack at the Epsom Derby, running in front of a racehorse. She was trampled by the horse and died four days later.

It is unknown exactly what her motives were, but as she had clear plans for the rest of the day and for the days immediately afterwards, it seems she had not planned to become a martyr for her cause.

Emily_davison_killed_1913Emily Davison is struck by King George's horse, Anmer, and knocked unconscious. She died four days later. 4th June 1913.

The horse’s jockey got his foot caught in the stirrup and was dragged along, unconscious, but survived.

3 thoughts on “On this day: Emily Davison’s collision with a racehorse

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  2. I’d like to know how this could possibly further the cause of suffrage. Maybe she was just insane?

    • Sonya Heaney says:

      What is frustrating is that nobody will ever know. There was a theory that she was going to try and attach a women’s rights banner to the King’s horse, but at the speed they were going it was totally impossible.

      She couldn’t have even picked a particular horse! None of it makes sense.

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