I’m Back

I haven’t really mentioned it on this blog (whereas I’ve been spamming my followers with photographs on others!), but I have been in Europe – Ukraine and Italy – for the past two months.

I am sitting at home now after a thirty-eight hour journey to get here, in which we flew from Rome to Zurich to Singapore to Sydney, and finally to Canberra, and I have just had a much-needed shower! I fully expect to pass out soon. It usually catches up with me in an instant, and when I least expect it.

In other words, it has been two months since I have sat down and looked at comments and things on this blog (all of my posts were scheduled in advance).

So maybe now I can get back to responding to people, and create some new posts!

Sonya Heaney Kyiv Ukraine

Sonya Heaney Sulmona Italy.

Sonya Heaney western Ukraine

Sonya Heaney Trevi Fountain Rome

Sonya Heaney Lviv Ukraine

Sonya Heaney Spello Italy.

Sonya Heaney Golden Gate Kyiv Ukraine

Sonya Heaney Norcia Italy.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Welcome home! Wonderful photographs.

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