On this day…

The New York Times reports on Serbian massacres of Albanian citizens in the First Balkan War. 31st December, 1912.

561px-NY_Times_Massacre_of_Albanians_1912Sebian Army left a trail of blood. This is an article published in the New York Times on December 31, 1912. It is on massacres of Albanians in the Balkan Wars.


On this day: the Newcastle Earthquake

At 10:27am on the 28th of December, 1989, an earthquake hit Newcastle, Australia. Measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, the quake caused around $4 billion damage to the New South Wales city, left thirteen people dead, and injured over 160 others.



Nine people were killed in the Newcastle Workers Club, where the floor collapsed.



As there was a bus strike the day of the disaster, fewer people than usual were in town.

Christmas Day during the war

English children around the Christmas cake in Pinner, Middlesex on Christmas Day, 1944.


The girl cutting the cake is Jean Devereux, and her father was serving in the war in Italy at the time. The tree is a gift from him, purchased through the “Gifts to Home League” which was operated by the YMCA.

Below is an image of the tree being delivered to the house.