Bitter Harvest


While everybody knows about the Holocaust, there was another major genocide in Europe in the 20th century that is almost unknown.


The Holodomor, Stalin’s manufactured famine/genocide, is believed to have killed up to ten million people in Ukraine in the 1930s. Still denied by Moscow, this genocide has received little to no attention from the West, and none whatsoever from Hollywood.

A new film is due out now which tackles this topic, focusingĀ on a Ukrainian Cossack couple. Keep an eye out for Bitter Harvest this month.

3 thoughts on “Bitter Harvest

  1. Just had a conversation with a Ukranian woman who was the only survivor of this era in her family. What unneccesary horrors these people have overcome! Thank you for telling the story of millions!

    • Sonya Heaney says:

      In the Ukrainian community we have worked hard to make this genocide known, but people never seem all that interested in the horrors committed by the Kremlin.

      There are so few survivors still alive now. We had a few near us, but soon there won’t be any left to tell their stories.

      • If the atrocity smells anything like Marx, it gets a free pass from the most media. Maybe because those well-intentioned ideals are familiar from grad school? Maybe never having to deal w/ real pain and evil caused by forced collectivization? I don’t know either, but thank you for remembering!

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