On this day: the Battle of Manila

Manila_Walled_City_Destruction_May_1945 Destruction at the Walled City (Intramuros district) of old Manila in May 1945 — after the Battle of Manila.

Aerial shot of the destruction in Manila. May 1945. X

One of the bloodiest battles in world history, the Battle of Manila (in the Philippines) ended on the 3rd of March, 1945.

Fought by the combined forces of the US and Filipino troops against Japan, the conclusion of the battle marked the end of Japanese control of the region.

U.S. troops at the Rizal Baseball Stadium, Manila, Philippines. 16th February 1945.

US troops stand in a destroyed baseball stadium.

In the month-long campaign over 100 000 civilians were killed, and Manila, the country’s capital city, was completely destroyed.


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