On this day: the “Protein Man” in London

Englishman Stanley Green, a self-styled “dietary reform activist” whose mission was to decrease people’s libidos by changing their diets, photographed on Oxford Street in London on the 21st of June, 1974.

One thought on “On this day: the “Protein Man” in London

  1. ActonBooks says:

    Tourists and Londoners alike from the late sixties to the nineties will have seen Stanley. He was the tall, thin man in mackintosh or anorak and an Afrika Korps-style forage cap on his head who arrived on his bike from Ealing where he lived and paraded most days from Oxford Circus along Oxford Street towards Bond Street sometimes straying into Regent Street.
    His placard said it all, but for those wishing to learn more of the perils of a prawn could buy his pamphlet. It was amateurishly printed and hand stapled. I know because I have one. Inside is a gentle polemic barkingly expressed about the aforementioned hazards of a sedentary, lustful pea-indulging lifestyle.
    History treated Stanley more kindly than most. In his life he featured in newspaper and magazine articles and at his death in 1993 his obituary appeared in three of the UK’s broadsheet papers. The Museum of London bought his placard.

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