On this day: Australian soldiers off to war

“E”_Company_at_Fort_Macquarie_October_18th,_1914_(18663775908) Syndey New South Wales Australia First World One World War One


This photograph is titled:

“E” Company at Fort Macquarie October 18th, 1914.

Fort Macquarie, in the Australian state of New South Wales, was located at Bennelong Point, where the Sydney Opera House stands today.

Australia committed to the First World War from the outset, with preparations beginning even before Britain declared war on Germany in early August of 1914.


100 Years Ago in Belgium

The_Capture_of_Ostend,_October_1918_Q19247Damage to buildings in Gare Maritime, Ostend, blown up by the Germans before the evacuation of 17th October 1918. First world war. World War One

The coastal city of Ostend in Belgium – along with much of the rest of the country – was occupied by the Germans during the First World War. As the war began drawing to an end in October of 1918, the Germans destroyed buildings as they retreated on the 17th of October.

Britain 100 Years Ago

The_Anti-aircraft_Warfare_on_the_Western_Front,_1914-1918_Q279Officers at the 16th Course of Instruction at the General Headquarters of the Anti-aircraft School, Royal Artillery; 17th Oc

17th October 1918: Officers at the General Headquarters of the Anti-aircraft School of Britain’s Royal Artillery.

After more than four years of fighting, the First World War would be over less than a month after this picture was taken.

100 Years Ago Today: Britain Advances on the Germans

The_Hundred_Days_Offensive,_Pursuit to the Selle. 4th Battalion, Royal Leicestershire Regiment (46th Division) firing at German snipers and machine gunners on the edge of the Bois de Req



British soldiers of the 4th Battalion, Royal Leicestershire Regiment fire at German snipers and machine gunners on the edge of the Bois de Requerval, France on the 10th of October, 1918.

The image was taken by John Warwick Brooke, who was Britain’s second official photographer of the First World War.

The advance to recapture the Selle in the Picardy region was complete by the end of the month.

On this day: Market Day in Ireland

Would_have_been_perfect_if_the_Butcher's_Shop_was_called_Hazlett!_(9553954028)Very patiently queueing horses at the Market Square in Dromore, Co. Down. Ireland Edwardian Northern Ireland

From the National Library of Ireland

This photograph is thought to be from Sunday the 9th of October, 1904. Horses wait in a queue in the market town of Dromore in County Down.

Dromore is now in Northern Ireland.

On this day: Troops on the March

The_Race_To_the_Sea,_September-october_1914_First World War 5th October 1914 French Cavalry passing the 1st Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), with the rest of the 19th Brigade, t

The march to the sea. First World War.

5th October 1914: French Cavalry on the march pass troops of the 1st Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). The British soldiers slept hidden during the day and marched at night.

Germany had declared war on France two months earlier. The photograph is credited to British Army officer Robert Cotton Money (1888-1985).

On this day: the Battle of the Canal du Nord

The Battle of the Canal du Nord took place in France from the 27th of September to the 1st of October, 1918. The battle was fought between Allied forces and the German Empire, resulting in an Allied victory.

These images are from the first day of the offensive, which began before dawn.

Canadian soldiers going forward near Moeuvres; the wounded coming back at dawn. X

Battle of the Canal du Nord. An 18pdr. battery going forward at dawn (Zero was at 5.20am) and wounded coming back, near Moeuvres, (4th Canadian Division Front. Moeuvres), 27th September

Infantry – 4th Canadian Division. X

Battle of the Canal du Nord. Infantry supports going forward, 4th Canadian Division, 27th September 1918. First World War World War One

Tanks of A Company, 7th Battalion parked after capturing Bourlon Village. German prisoners carry British wounded across a cutting, near Moeuvres. X

German prisoners, carrying a wounded man, follow a British tank near Moeuvres. X

Battle of the Canal du Nord. German prisoners, carrying a wounded man, follow a British tank through a cutting made in the bank of the Canal du Nord near Moeuvres, 27th September 1918. F

German prisoners in the Canadian sector. X

Battle of the Canal du Nord. German prisoners taken near Moeuvres in the 4th Canadian Division's sector during the crossing of the Canal du Nord, 27th September 1918. First World War.