On this day: a Manor House in England

Brooke_RemainsCheylesmore_HAGAM_tifThe manor house of Cheylesmore, England in a watercolour and ink painting by William Henry Brooke. dated the 25th of December, 1820.

The manor house of Cheylesmore, England in a watercolour and ink painting by William Henry Brooke, dated the 25th of December, 1820. Parts of the building date back to the year 1250, and some of its most famous residents were Edward, the Black Prince and Henry VI.

Unfortunately, much of what did survive the Second World War was demolished in a development project in the 1950s.

Cheylesmore now makes up part of the southern half of the city of Coventry in the West Midlands.

On this day: the Coronation of a King

The coronation of George IV of the United Kingdom, the flamboyant and infamous son of “Mad” King George, took place on the 19th of July, 1821.

Coronation_of_George_IV Coronation of King George IV 19th July 1821 by James Stephanoff

The Coronation as painted by watercolourist James Stephanoff.

The new King had served as Prince Regent through the final years of the Napoleonic Wars as his father’s health had continued to decline, a period that was marked by great excess and frivolity amongst the upper classes.

Coronation_procession_of_his_majesty_George_the_Fourth,_19th_July,_1821_LCCN2002717331_tif Coronation procession of his majesty George the Fourth, 19th July, 1821.

The Coronation Procession winds its way through a park in London.

Though he married, George IV and his wife, Caroline, intensely disliked each other, and she was barred from attending the ceremonies.

Their only child, the Princess Charlotte, had died in childbirth in 1817, which eventually paved the way for the long reign of Queen Victoria.

On this day: London’s new Vauxhall Bridge opened

 Vauxhall Bridge in 1829

The old Vauxhall Bridge in 1829.

On the 26th of May, 1906, the new Vauxhall Bridge opened in London. By the time it opened it was five years behind schedule, following a construction period that had brought all sorts of problems.

Vauxhall Bridge London 2009

The new bridge, photographed in 2009. X

The Prince of Wales, who would go on to be King George V, oversaw the opening ceremony.

The bridge was originally built to carry trams, but the tram tracks were abandoned in 1951.

On this day: St Katharine Docks opened in London in 1828

St Katharine Docks opened in London in 1828


In the 1820s, some 11300 low class Londoners lost their homes as they were cleared out to make way for the development of St Katharine Docks. The docks opened on the 25th of October, 1828.

Plan drawn up for the St. Katharine Dock Company showing the street and buildings which would need to be demolished to make way for the new dock. circa 1825

Circa 1825 plan showing what needed to be demolished to make way for the docks.

Badly damaged by German bombing in World War Two, the area is now home to offices and private residences.