On this day…

In the buildup to the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, men swear allegiance to the Southern Cross on 1st December, 1854.

The stockade was a gold miners’ rebellion against the authority of the United Kingdom.

Swearing Allegiance to the Southern Cross on 1 December 1854 — watercolour by Charles Doudiet.

On this day: George Davison is born, 1854.

George Davison c.1892


English photographer George Davison was born into a poor family in Lowestoft, Suffolk on the 19th of September, 1854.

He began work at Somerset House in 1874, and an early investment in Eastman Kodak (known today as Kodak) made him a millionaire.

Davison’s photography was innovative, and after an early interest in naturalistic photography he turned to impressionistic photography – as demonstrated in his famous photograph The Onion Field, taken in 1890.

George_Davison-The_Onion_FieldGeorge Davison – The Onion Field (1890)

A personal favourite of mine is Oxford Street – A Wet Day captured in 1897.

1897 Oxford St London