Edwardian Easter

These Easter cards date from the year 1903.


Easter_Greetings_(NBY_439559) Easter Greeting Card 1903

Easter_Greetings_(NBY_439560) 1903


A_happy_Easter_(NBY_438938) Easter Card 1903

A_happy_Easter_(NBY_438939) 1903 Edwardian


On this day: Cyclone destruction in Queensland

StateLibQld_2_182515_Destruction_of_part_of_Townsville_Grammar_School_caused_by_Cyclone_'Leonta'_in_1903Cyclone Leonta was a tropical cyclone that caused severe damage in North Queenslan

Rubble at Townsville Grammar School. X

Cyclone Leonta hit the north of the state of Queensland in Australia on the 9th of March, 1903.

StateLibQld_2_187151_Destruction_of_the_Burns,_Philp_and_Company's_Bulk_Store_in_Townsville_caused_by_Cyclone_'Leonta',_1903Cyclone Leonta was a tropical cyclone that caused severe damag

The ruined Burns, Philp and Company’s Bulk Store in Townsville. X

One of the most damaging storms recorded in the tropical region at the time, the storm lasted for around twelve hours.

StateLibQld_2_188687_Storm_damaged_Anglican_Cathedral,_Townsville,_1903Cyclone Leonta was a tropical cyclone that caused severe damage in North Queensland on 9 March 1903. It lasted for

Townsville’s Anglican Cathedral lost its roof. X

Significant destruction was recorded in Townsville, with buildings such as schools and churches suffering major damage.

StateLibQld_2_182511_Destruction_of_the_Townsville_Hospital's_Harvey_Ward_caused_by_Cyclone_'Leonta',_1903Cyclone Leonta was a tropical cyclone that caused severe damage in North Queensl

Destruction at Townsville Hospital. X

At least fourteen lives were lost in the storm, twelve in Townsville and two inland in the town of Charters Towers.

StateLibQld_2_85280_Australian_Joint_Stock_Bank_at_Bowen_after_the_1903_cycloneCyclone Leonta was a tropical cyclone that caused severe damage in North Queensland on 9 March 1903. It las

The damaged Australian Joint Stock Bank in Bowen. X

Severe damage was also recorded, with many houses lost, in towns such as Bowen and Ayr.


On this day: the opening of Sydney’s Central Station

centRail06 Sydney Central Railway Station —First Locomotive at new station 4th August 1906. Anchor series..

The first locomotive. 4th August, 1906. X

The official opening for Central Railway Station in Sydney, Australia was held on the 4th of August, 1906.

centRail03 Central Station Sydney opened in 1906. —Original wooden booking hall 1906.

The old booking hall in 1906, the year the station opened. X

The station opened to passengers the following day.

719px-Laying_the_foundation_stone,_Central_Station_1903_(5207836628)Laying the foundation stone for Central Railway Station, Sydney Dated 26-9-1903.

Laying the foundation stone in 1903. X

Replacing previous stations in the city, Central was built on land that belonged to a number of businesses and charities including a female refuge and a police station.

The Devonshire Street Cemetery was located between Eddy Avenue and Elizabeth Street, and between Chalmers and Devonshire Streets, at Brickfield Hill, in Sydney, Australia. Photographed in 1902.

Devonshire Street Cemetery in 1902 X

The site had also been home to the Devonshire Street Cemetery. Families of people buried there were given two months to move their relatives’ bodies.

On this day: the first Tour de France

Maurice Garin, the winner of the 1903 Tour de France.

The winner of the 1903 title.

The first Tour de France bike race began in Montgeron on the 1st of July, 1903.

Created to promote the publication L’Auto (now L’Équipe) over its rival Le Vélo, it was run in six long stages, eventually finishing in Paris.

1897garinMaurice Garin

Maurice Garin in 1897

The winner was Italian-born French cyclist Maurice Garin. He was stripped of his second title in 1904 for cheating.

Amongst the allegations was a claim he had taken a train between start and finish points.

On this day: the Wreck of the Old 97

On the 27th of September, 1903 the Old 97, a Southern Railway train, derailed at Stillhouse Trestle near Danville, Virginia.

Eleven were killed – nine immediately – and seven injured.

The crash inspired a ballad that would become famous in the United States, and would later become the focus of a copyright case.

The crash occurred because the train’s operator was running at high speed in order to stay on schedule. The train derailed and fell into a ravine. Some of the survivors attributed their luck to jumping from the vehicle before its plunge down the slope.

This photograph is believed to have been taken a few days after the disaster, as the train has been set back upright.

Wreck of the Old 97