On this day…

17th April 1963: St. Louis Missouri, USA on Olive St, between 17th and 18th.


Bi-State Development Agency St. Louis Missouri 1648 and 1621 (PCCs) on Olive St, between 17th and 18th on April 17, 1963.


On this day: Britain’s Infamous Winter

Called the Big Freeze of 1963, the United Kingdom shivered through an infamous winter that began in 1962. It was one of the coldest winters in history.

This photograph is dated the 14th of February, and was taken in the London Borough of Barnet, in the city’s north.


North_Finchley_High_Road_geograph-3384741-by-Ben-BrooksbankView southward at Kenver Avenue, near Tally-Ho Corner. That winter the snow in London lasted for two months. 14th February 1963