On this day: the Great Fire of Smyrna began

Smyrna citizens trying to reach the Allied ships during the Smyrna massacres, 1922

Smyrna citizens trying to reach the Allied ships

The Great Fire of Smyrna destroyed much of Smyrna (known as İzmir today) in September 1922. It began on the 13th and was more or less extinguished by the 22nd of September. It effectively marked the end of the Greco-Turkish War.

Smyrna fire, A wide view of the city on fire. 14.Sep.1922. 0600 AM.

The city on fire. 14th September. 0600 AM.

At the outbreak of the fire, up to 400 000 Greek and Armenian refugees were forced to remain on the waterfront while Turkish troops committed massacres.

The death toll from the fire is disputed, but Greek and Armenian deaths are placed somewhere between 50 000 and 100 000.


The aftermath.