On this day: British troops back from Tunisia

This photograph, from the 26th of December, 1942, is of officers from Britain’s 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment. They are resting near Beja in Portugal after a drop on Depienne, Tunisia.

The officer’s names are: Captain Stark, Lieutenant Braylet and Major Ashford.


Officers from the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment resting near Beja after returning from a drop on Depienne. From left to right Captain Stark, Lieutenant Braylet and Major Ashford. 26t


Boxing Day

Boxing Day 1901


Well, Christmas is finished and it’s Boxing Day here in Australia. I know many Americans aren’t familiar with the term, but throughout many countries of the British Commonwealth, Boxing Day is the day that follows Christmas. In recent times it has evolved into the day of the year all the shops have their big sales (much like America’s Black Friday).

The origins of the holiday are unclear, but in the past, the 26th of December was traditionally the day servants and other workers would be given ‘a Christmas box’ from their employers. The tradition goes back hundreds and hundreds of years.