1820s Christmas Fashion

To begin the Christmas season, here is an amazing holly-themed muslin gown from the 1820s.

It is in the Met collection, and I discovered it via Dr Kate Stradin‘s amazing fashion history Twitter account.

Day 21 of #Advent and one of my favourite Christmas dresses worth sharing each year, a mid #1820s white muslin dress embroidered with boughs of holly, the hem caught in festive swags of

Christmas Eve and Koliada

Today is Christmas Eve by the old calendar, and is still celebrated by millions of people around the world, especially in Eastern Europe.

The 6th of January is also the date of the beginning of Koliada, an ancient Slavic winter festival that predates Christianity. The festival is now incorporated into Christmas festivities.

Koliada in the Mogilev region of Belarus at Christmastime in 1903.


Калядоўшчыкi_Горацкага_павета_,_Магілёўская_губерня,_1903гKoliada in the Mogilev region of Belarus at Christmastime in 1903. X

The festival in Lviv, Ukraine.

Парад_вуличних_вертепів_у_Львові,_початок_2010-х Winter Koliada and Ukrainian Christmas in Lviv Ukraine

Christmas 1914

The_Christmas_Truce_on_the_Western_Front,_1914_Q50721British and German officers meeting in No-Man's Land during the unofficial truce. (British troops from the Northumberland Hussars, 7t


25th December 1914: British and German officers pose for a photograph in No-Man’s Land during the famous unofficial Christmas truce in the first year of World War One.

For one day soldiers put down their weapons and celebrated the holiday with their enemies.

The British officers pictured here are from the  Northumberland Hussars, 7th Division, Bridoux-Rouge Banc Sector.

A Christmas Drink, 1916.

Christmas_on_the_Western_Front,_1914-1918_Q1632British press chauffeurs drinking to the King's health at their Christmas dinner, Rollencourt Chateau, 25th December 1916. First World War


Rollencourt Chateau, France: British press chauffeurs drinking to the King’s health at their Christmas dinner. 25th December 1916. First World War.