On this day: a Derailment in Victorian England

BASA-3K-7-518-56Seen here after derailing in a blizzard near Camborne, Cornwall on 8 March 1891.Great Western Railway No. 2128 Leopard (ex South Devon Railway Leopard). Victorian Era


8th March 1891: A derailment on England’s Great Western Railway. The locomotive is photographed after being caught in a blizzard in Cornwall, near Camborne.

On this day: the SS Mohegan sank in 1898


The steamer the SS Mohegan sank off the coast of the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall on the 14th of October, 1898. 106 of the 197 on board died, including Isadora Duncan’s father, stepmother and sister.

The Mohegan wrecked on the Manacles

The Mohegan wrecked on the Manacles

Because all of the officers on board died in the wreck, no definite answers were ever given for why they had veered so far off course.

SS_Mohegan_burial 1898

Recovered bodies are buried in a mass grave.