On this day: worldwide celebrations for Hitler

On the 20th of April, 1939, Germans both in Germany and around the world held celebrations for Adolf Hitler’s fiftieth birthday.

Below is a German club in Adelaide, Australia decorated for the event:

Hitler's_50th_birthday_in_AustraliaAdolf Hitler's 50th birthday party in Australia. Taken in a German Club, Adelaide. 20th April 1939.

And Hitler in Berlin being congratulated by his government:

Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1988-0202-503,_Hitlers_50__GeburtstagThe government of Nazi Germany congratulating Hitler at the Reichskanzlei in Berlin, 20th April 1939.


Back on Tumblr

I admit it: I was missing Tumblr, even with all its glitches and all those moany twelve-year-olds dictating to everyone about complex world issues!

I deleted my original (and starting to get popular) history blog a few months ago, and I’ve been regretting it a little bit. The reason I deleted it was because it stared to get very political, to the point I was posting more about Vladimir Putin than I was about Victorian England!

This time round I’m promising to steer clear of current world issues. It will truly stay a history blog, a little escape from the uglier parts of life in the present.

So, if you want to follow (and even though there’s not much going on yet), I will be posting there every day from now on:



Vintage Ukrainian Christmas Card

Christmas is celebrated by Catholics and Orthodox Christians in the east of Europe in January. The 6th is Christmas Eve, and the time when the main Christmas meal is eaten.

Ukrainian artist Jacques Hnizdovsky created this card in the 1950s.

Hnizdovsky_Rizdvo3Jacques Hnizdovsky Christmas Card 1950s

Australian Troops in December 1914

Australian troops at the Mena Camp in Egypt in December, 1914. One soldier plays with a kangaroo. It was common for troops to take native animals with them when they went to war, and many of these animals were then left in the care of the Cairo Zoological Gardens.