On this day: the Christmas season during the war

The_British_Army_in_North-west_Europe_1944-45_B12586'St Nicholas' arrives on a Sherman ARV as part of St Nicholas Day celebrations in Rucphen, near Roosendaal in Holland, 6 December 1944


6th December 1944: Only weeks after the region’s liberation from Nazi occupation, the British Army takes part in a Saint Nicholas Day event in Rucphen, near Roosendaal in the Netherlands.


On this day: war in the Netherlands

A soldier of 6th King's Own Scottish Borderers, 15th (Scottish) Division, searches wrecked buildings in Blerick, a suburb of Venlo in Holland, 5 December 1944. second World war Two Black

From the collection of the Imperial War Museum

5th December 1944: A soldier of 6th King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 15th (Scottish) Division, searches destroyed buildings in the suburb of Blerick in the Dutch city of Venlo.

The city was the location of the Venlo Incident, which Hitler used as his excuse to invade the Netherlands in 1940, and the war saw the destruction of many of the city’s historic structures.