On this day: the opening of Wagga Wagga Railway Station

The railway station in the New South Wales, Australia town of Wagga Wagga opened on the 1st of September, 1879.

The design for the station can be seen below.

Wagga_Wagga_Railway_Station_designDesign of the Wagga Wagga Railway Station. Building built by Charles Hardy. 1870s


On this day…

Newlay & Horsforth station in West Yorkshire photographed on the 26th of June, 1964. The line was later electrified, but this station closed the year after the pictures were taken.

Newlay & Horsforth stat View westward, towards Shipley, Bradford, Skipton etc. The line has since been electrified, but Newlay & Horsforth station was closed on 22-3-65. 26th June 1964

EPSON scanner image

On this day: a Station in Wales

Buckley Junction Station Flintshire Wales 20th May 1961

This photograph is dated the 20th of May, 1961, and is of Buckley Junction Station.

Buckley, a village in the Flintshire region of Wales, is known for its distinct dialect. The unique way of speech is dying out as people come and go from the area.

On this day: a Derailment in Victorian England

BASA-3K-7-518-56Seen here after derailing in a blizzard near Camborne, Cornwall on 8 March 1891.Great Western Railway No. 2128 Leopard (ex South Devon Railway Leopard). Victorian Era


8th March 1891: A derailment on England’s Great Western Railway. The locomotive is photographed after being caught in a blizzard in Cornwall, near Camborne.