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The New York Times reports on Serbian massacres of Albanian citizens in the First Balkan War. 31st December, 1912.

561px-NY_Times_Massacre_of_Albanians_1912Sebian Army left a trail of blood. This is an article published in the New York Times on December 31, 1912. It is on massacres of Albanians in the Balkan Wars.

On this day: a king for Albania

Duits circusartiest Otto Witte (1872-1958), ex-officier van het Turkse.

Otto Witte – a German circus performer – claimed he was crowned King of Albania on the 13th of August, 1913.

When Albania broke free of the Ottoman Empire and Serbian occupation, a Muslim prince named Halim Eddine was invited to be crowned king. Witte apparently bore a strong resemblance to the prince, and claimed to have gone in his place.

Halim Eddine did not exist.

There are not facts to back Witte’s claims, but it did not stop him becoming famous in Germany, where he also claimed to be the founder of a political party – that also did not exist.