On this day: a Thanksgiving dinner at the Marine Barracks

US Thanksgiving Day fell on the 28th of November in 1918. The Marine Barracks at Fort Mifflin hosted a Thanksgiving dinner that evening.

This is the menu for the dinner, which included oyster soup, dressing and crackers, minced pie, creamed corn, and cigarettes and cigars on offer at the end. On either side of the menu are the names of the Marines at the barracks.



On this day…

American Civil War veteran Joseph Dutton, who fought for the Union in the 13th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, photographed on the 27th of November, 1919.

This was Thanksgiving Day in the United States in the year 1919.

Following the war, Dutton went on to convert to Catholicism and work as a missionary in Molokai, Hawaii.



On this day: a Thanksgiving festival in an internment camp

Halfway through the Second World War, after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and the United States joined the conflict, American citizens and legal US residents of Japanese descent were moved to internment camps for the remainder of the war.

Construction of the Gila River War Relocation Center in Arizona began in May 1942.

A few months later, in the same year, the camp hosted a Christian service and then a Harvest Festival parade on Thanksgiving Day. The holiday fell on the 26th of November that year.







On this day: the end of the election campaign

On the 2nd of November, 1896, Puck magazine ran a cover picturing Mark Hanna and William McKinley preparing to carve up the presidency at Thanksgiving.

The US election was held the following day. McKinley won, with the help of his adviser, Hanna. McKinley was assassinated in 1901, while Hanna only outlived him by two and a half years.



On this day: Canadian Thanksgiving in a warzone

Canadian troops, fighting in the Great War, hold a Thanksgiving service in the rubble of Cambrai Cathedral in France on the 13th of October, 1918. The war would be over less than a month after this photograph was taken.