On this day: The London Gazette was first published

The London Gazette later reprint of the front page from 3–10 September 1666, reporting on the Great Fire of London.

A reproduction of the edition from the 3rd-10th of September, 1666. It reports on the Great Fire of London.

One of the United Kingdom’s oldest surviving journals, The London Gazette, was first published on the 7th of November, 1665. When it was first published it was called The Oxford Gazette.

The publication began in Oxford rather than London because the Royal Court had moved out of the capital to escape the plague. People at court were unwilling to touch anything that had been printed in London.

The London Gazette, dated 14 May 1705.

14 May 1705

The Gazette claims to be the longest-running journal in the UK, but there are also a few others that make the same claim.