On this day: a President on Tour

Theodore Roosevelt, during his New England tour, at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. 29th August 1902

29th August 1902: US President Theodore Roosevelt visits Lake Sunapee in the state of New Hampshire.

The details of the photograph note:

In the photograph are George B. Cortelyou, Roosevelt’s future secretary of Commerce and Labor, on Roosevelt’s right, and William Craig, the first Secret Service agent ever killed in the line of duty, on the far right in the photograph.

Craig died five days later. Roosevelt was President from September 1901 to March 1909.

Navy Day

The United States held their first Navy Day on President Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday on the 27th of October, 1922. By the following year more than fifty cities in the country participated in the event.

While in recent years the day has been officially moved to the 13th of the month, it is still largely recognised as the 27th.

Ships travel down the Hudson River in New York City on Navy Day in 1945. X


On this day: the renaming of the White House


The White House in 1901 X

The Executive Mansion, home to the US President, was officially renamed the White House by President Theodore Roosevelt on the 12th of October, 1901.

The new name had been unofficially used for at least ninety years before the change was made.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Safari

Theodore Roosevelt became the United States’ 26th President on the 14th of September, 1901.

Once he finished his presidency in 1909 he went on an eleven-month safari where he trapped or shot over 11 000 animals, including this rhinoceros. The hunting was sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution.

After serving as US President, Theodore Roosevelt went on a safari and trapped or shot over 11 000 animals.

On this day: the founding of the US Naval War College

The Naval War College in the United States was founded in Newport, Rhode Island on the 6th of October, 1884.

Here is Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt, with faculty and students circa 1897.


Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt with faculty and class members at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, circa 1897.