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Creator H. Allison & Co. Photographers Date 22nd November 1906 McAdam family of Ashfield, Cootehill, County Cavan. Ireland Edwardian Era


22nd November 1906: the McAdam family of Ashfield, Cootehill, County Cavan (which falls in modern-day Republic of Ireland).

Since the Partition of Ireland in the 1920s County Cavan, part of the region of Ulster, has formed part of the Border Region with Northern Ireland.

The photograph was taken by H. Allison & Co. Photographers, and is held in the public record office of Northern Ireland.

On this day: A group of sailors.

In this photograph, a group of sailors poses in Ulster, modern-day Northern Ireland, on the 21st of September, 1906.

Group_of_sailors_(6544109891) 21st September 1906 Ulster Northern Ireland Ireland Early 20th Century Irish History Edwardian Era