On this day…

5th August 1935: Workers at a Canning Plant in Kent, Washington State, USA.

During the 1930s (through the Great Depression) the city was called “The Lettuce Capital of the World”.

Workers_at_a_Canning_Plant_in_Kent_(5179320270) 5th August 1935 Workers at a Canning Plant in Kent, Washington State, USA. Vintage.

On this day: A Protest in Washington

Impeach_Nixon_retouched 22nd October 1973 Impreach Nixon Watergate scandal 1970s Washington D.C.

This photograph, dated the 22nd of October, 1973 shows people demonstrating in Washington D.C., calling for the impeachment of US President Richard Nixon.

The protest came in the middle of the Watergate scandal, when Nixon lied about his involvement in the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

This was less than two weeks after the resignation of Vice President Agnew because of criminal charges of bribery, tax evasion and money laundering. Agnew was later convicted.

Nixon resigned in August of 1974 to avoid almost certain impeachment.

On this day: a President’s first address



US President Abraham Lincoln gave his first inaugural address on the 4th of March, 1861.



The speech, considered by many to be one of the greatest in American history, was delivered in the shadow of the not yet completed dome of the US Capitol in Washington.