Lost in Austen – Episode Four

AmandaLost inAusten

Something that bugged me about this miniseries – though I know it wasn’t really anybody’s fault:

It was filmed in cold weather and it’s supposed to be summer! Everyone is prancing about outside in their pretty, floaty, short-sleeved dresses and it’s so cold you can see their breath!


So much to resolve and only one episode to do it!

Lost in Austen episode four Mrs Bennet Jane Amanda Sonya Heaney

Amanda’s appearance in the middle of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice world certainly caused a mess. Jane is married to Mr Collins, Mr Bingley is the one acting like Mr Wickham is supposed to and Mr Darcy is in love with Amanda instead of Elizabeth (who he hasn’t even met).

Lost in Austen episode four Amanda and Mr Darcy Sonya Heaney

Even though I knew it was the final episode, I did double and triple-check, because I expected happy endings for everyone and didn’t see how it could be done in one episode. It didn’t help that there was more drama heaped on top of everything else that had gone wrong so far!

My two favourite parts of this episode were:

#1 Mrs Bennet and Jane finally snapping and telling off Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mr Collins.

Lost in Austen episode four Jane Mr Bennet Mrs Bennet in 2008 Sonya Heaney

#2 The moment everyone blasts back into the present day. As Mr Darcy says, ‘What is this dreadful place?’

Lost in Austen episode four Mr Darcy in 2008 Sonya Heaney

What did I think of the ending? Well, it was as convenient as you would expect, and I honestly don’t think Amanda would just settle in happily in the life she has chosen.

However, this is a show about a time-travelling portal in a bathroom and a book world coming to life, and so yes, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously! There’re some massive anachronisms and some very hard-to-believe situations, but then isn’t that exactly what you’d expect from this show?

I’m glad I got over my fear of Amanda’s too-modern hairstyle and watched Lost in Austen. I’m not one to have a fit when little tweaks are made with Jane Austen’s work, and I’m always happy to see different takes on famous and very familiar characters.

Anybody with an interest in period drama wold enjoy this – but just make sure you know the plot of Pride and Prejudice first!

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