Christmas 1941

Christmas_dinner_celebrations_on_board_HMS_WESTMINSTER_at_Rosyth,_December_1941__A6484Christmas dinner celebrations on board HMS Westminster at Rosyth, Scotland. 25th December 1941. Roya


Christmas dinner celebrations on board HMS Westminster on the 25th of December, 1941, while the warship was docked at Rosyth, Scotland. The ship served in – and survived – both the First and Second World Wars, and was then sold for scrap in 1947.


On this day: a heavy loss for Britain in the war

A heavily retouched Japanese photograph of HMS PRINCE OF WALES (upper) and REPULSE (lower) after being hit by Japanese torpedoes on 10 December 1941, off Malaya. A British destroyer can

HMS_Prince_of_Wales_and_HMS_Repulse_underway_with_Loss of HMS Prince of Wales (53) and HMS Repulse, 10 December 1941 Photograph taken from a Japanese plane, with the battleship Prince of

A retouched version, and the original image.

10th December 1941: Britain suffered heavy losses off the coast of Malaya at the midway point of the Second World War. Japanese torpedoes took out both HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, delivering a heavy blow to British morale.

The photograph was taken from a Japanese aeroplane.

The retouched image can be found in the collection of the Imperial War Museum.

On this day: December 1944

Second World War Two Black and White Vintage 1940s A British jeep passes a sign warning against looting on the outskirts of Ravenna, Italy, 7 December 1944.

From the collection of the Imperial War Museum

7th December 1944: A British jeep passes a sign on the side of the road in Ravenna in Northern Italy warning people not to loot. It optimistically suggests the Second World War would end soon.

The Allies had many reasons to believe this to be true. Italy’s fascist dictator Benito Mussolini had been arrested and dismissed the year before, and the Allies had worked their way through the country, defeating Axis powers.

The war would end a few months after this photograph was taken.

On this day…

6th December 1943: Ordinary Seaman P S Buckingham of Norwich updates the U-boat kills on the HMS Hesperus while it is docked at Liverpool, England. Second World War.


Ordinary Seaman P S Buckingham, of Norwich keeping a record of U boat kills on the side of the wheelhouse on board HMS HESPERUS, docked at Liverpool. England Second World War Two

On this day…

Creator-_H__Allison_&_Co__PhotographersThe Rynatt family of Northern Ireland. Family portrait 9th November 1944. The family members are dressed in military clothing, as Northern Ireland


The Rynatt family of Northern Ireland. Family portrait taken on the 9th of November, 1944. Some family members are dressed in military clothing, as Northern Ireland fought in the Second World War and came under attack from the Nazis.

On this day: a Defiant King in Denmark

King Christian X riding through Copenhagen on his 70th birthday, 26 September 1940. The picture was taken during the German occupation of Denmark.

King Christian X of Denmark is photographed here riding through the streets of Copenhagen on his 70th birthday on the 26th of September, 1940.

The image was taken during the Nazi occupation of the country. The King became famous for his daily rides unaccompanied by guards, a sign of defiance against the Germans.

The occupation began in April of 1940, and continued until the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 at the end of the Second World War.