On this day: Ku Klux Klan murders politician

On the 30th of March 1868 politician George W. Ashburn (b. 1814) was assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan for expressing pro-African-American sentiments. Born in North Carolina, his political career (and death) occurred in Columbus, Georgia.

Nobody was ever prosecuted for the crime.

Politician George W. Ashburn (1814 - March 30, 1868) from the US state of Georgia was assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan in Columbus, Georgia for expressing pro-African-American sentiments.

Unlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen

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Unlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen

A journey into pleasure… 

The night before dissolute Lord Denham is about to embark on his grand tour, he meets an unexpected complication. In boy’s clothes that barely conceal her delectable curves, his childhood friend Lady Althea Curtiss—desperate to escape an arranged marriage—arrives, demanding free passage! 

Rhys accepts his unlikely traveling companion with great reluctance—the scandal is sure to blow up in his face—until he finds there is far more intimate territory Lady Thea is curious to explore. Soon he realizes that he is in danger of awakening not only Thea’s sensuality, but also his own long-buried heart…

Unlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen

I love Louise Allen’s writing. I love that her characters are both fun and also feel truly British. I love pretty much everything about how she constructs her stories.

Which is why I picked up a review copy of this one even though I tend to…

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The most sexist of the vintage ads?

There’re so many sexist advertisements from the mid twentieth century that it’s hard to pick the worst of them. This one has to be somewhere near the top.

You owe it to HIM

Eh. Every time I look through vintage things I’m given more evidence of why many people from my grandparents’ generation (male and female) spout so much misogynistic garbage. I love many things about the time period (the wars, not so much), but no way in the world would I ever want to live in it!

Sexist KitchenAid ad is sexist.

Remember this?: Russian aggression in Georgia

August 2008: Destruction in Georgia after the Battle of Tskhinvali. Russia invaded Georgia after being awarded the 2014 Olympics. They invaded Ukraine after hosting the 2014 Olympics.

They make a habit of this, and yet everyone always seems surprised when they repeat the behaviour – and willing to believe their propaganda!


Tskhinval_after_Georgian_attack4Battle of Tskhinvali