When Australian women were accidentally given the vote.

A reblog for International Women’s Day.

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Australian suffragettes in London in 1911

In the nineteenth century, in the colony of Victoria in Australia, the Electoral Act 1863 was passed. According to the act, “all persons” who owned property were entitled to vote. Though it was not intended to include women in this, there were plenty in the state who did, indeed own property.

In the 1864 elections, some women took advantage of this error and went to the polling stations, where their votes were recorded:


“At one of the polling booths in the Castlemaine district a novel sight was witnessed. A coach filled with ladies drove up, and the fair occupants alighted and recorded their votes.”
The Argus, 5 November 1864, p 4.

The oversight was quickly fixed, and a new law in 1865 once again took voting rights away from women. However, Australia was very early in granting women full voting rights…

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On this day: France, 1917.

17th December 1917: French soldiers try to free their motor lorry from the snow on the Western Front of the First World War.

The photograph was taken on the Hesdin-Saint-Pol road.

The French Army on the Western Front First World War 1914 - 1918 A French motor lorry snowed-up on the Hesdin-Saint-Pol road, 17 December 1917.

On this day: a parade in London

The partially built County Hall is in the background.

Victory march of the Allied troops in London. July 19th, 1919.

Victory march of the Allied troops in London. July 19th, 1919. The procession crossing Westminster Bridge. Saturday 19th July 1919 and contingents of Military units are taking part in th