On this day: France, 1917.

17th December 1917: French soldiers try to free their motor lorry from the snow on the Western Front of the First World War.

The photograph was taken on the Hesdin-Saint-Pol road.

The French Army on the Western Front First World War 1914 - 1918 A French motor lorry snowed-up on the Hesdin-Saint-Pol road, 17 December 1917.


On this day: a parade in London

The partially built County Hall is in the background.

Victory march of the Allied troops in London. July 19th, 1919.

Victory march of the Allied troops in London. July 19th, 1919. The procession crossing Westminster Bridge. Saturday 19th July 1919 and contingents of Military units are taking part in th

A visit to Charles Dickens’ house

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Charles Dickens Doughty Street London Sonya Heaney February 2017

The view down Doughty Street.

Charles Dickens lived in many different places in his lifetime, but this house near my old home in Holborn, London is the one that has been turned into a museum about his life (and was recently – expensively – renovated).

Even though I lived and worked within a short walk of this house for a couple of years, I never actually visited. And so one chilly day at the end of February, on a short break in London on the way home from Italy, I marched from Covent Garden to pretty Doughty Street to finally pay a visit.

It is an interesting house in its own right, a recreation of middle class life in the Victorian era. I am not a fan of Dickens, the family man (or should I say, Dickens, the man who abandoned his family!), but there is no denying the impact he…

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