On this day: the last passenger pigeon

On the 1st of September, 1914, the world’s last passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States.

Martha the last passenger pigeon. 1912.

Martha circa 1912

A female, named Martha, the pigeon was part of a species that was native to North America, and once one of the most populous in the world. The passenger pigeon once accounted for one in every four birds in North America.

Albert Cooper, a trapper who used decoy pigeons to trap hundreds of wild birds (c. 1870)Decoy_Passenger_Pigeon

Albert Cooper, circa 1870. He trapped hundreds of wild birds using decoy pigeons.

Hunting, the sale of pigeon meat, and the loss of habitat meant that the passenger pigeon died out.

ThePassengerPigeon1T. Phillips' Store, a typical game store of the 1870s.

US game shop circa 1870

Conservationists made many attempts to save the birds, but the laws were not enforced.

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